Corporate Strength

Power make up the quality of decision horizons


Technology is a challenge in all areas of the country,Sunni as fundamental fpr the development of science and technology.The introduction of Europe,Japan and South Korea,the world's advanced production and processing equipment.Has Tsudakoma jet,water jet looms,imported dyeing machines,coating machines,calendars and other finishing equipment?Sunni uphold insist sound equipment,creating excellent products.



Wht is it so clear?As there is water flowing.Technology is the quality is the root,innovation is a fan,is the continued development of the source of Sunny.It is the Sunny in the process of growth and expansion characterisrics of the formation of curture.Innovative ideas:the brave,never stay with the past achievements.Wise,especially good constantly better us.The pursuit of excellence.technological innovation:technological innovation to promote the material,scientific and technological achievements of excellent.